Krafton has now announced to join hands with the Microsoft Azure for the cloud based storage and also for the saftey reasons . The whole krafton game and all of its Data will be stored in the azure cloud and this thing makes it more secured than ever . Now comes the major thing and that is the PUBG which also comes under the krafton and the game will also use the Azure cloud service . As We all know the Microsoft provides the high end top notch service in any of it's system that means the azure is also way too much safe than any of the other cloud service provider . The PUBG will again go with Tencent and also has join hands with krafton for the publishing . The steps taken by the company will help them not only grow the saftey but also they can be back in  with the Indian Gaming market . Due to saftey issue India had to ban the gaming app , under 69A information technology act 2009 country had to shutdown it's access across the country . But now the saftey has being solved and can pubg come back in India ? Is major question for every pubg gaming community in India . 

According to me the launch of PUBG in India now isn't any great idea , when it comes to the realease of FAU-G on the other corner India will not realease pubg any time soon to disrupt the FAU-G market . But for the gaming community especially of PUBG it will be a good move.