President Donald Trump prematurely claimed to win 2020 presidential election against Joseph Biden . As on Wednesday on the live news he claimed himself to win the election and also started threatening to take legal actions against the votes that are yet to be counted . Though many states are still counting the mail ballots to check the votes . He also said " Frankly we won this election " and he will take legal actions if the ballot count is still counting on.  He will directly go to supreme Court if the ballot courting doesn't stops till 4'oclock morning . He calls it the fruad on American public and also said that it is a shame full thing that he hasn't been able to celebrate his presidential victory of this year . Though this all being going on Facebook still showing on a message showing "The counting is still going on" on both of it's platform Facebook as well as Instagram

 This clearly shows that the current president Donal Trump trying to run out of hounds way  , which really doesn't mean anything but chaos ending of this presidential tale . It seems like the presidential election of USA will just be like the CM election of Tamil Nadu no particular decision to be taken .