IRCTC the railway ticket booking service which has its own site name they also have their own irctc app to book tickets on smartphone , the app is actually very slow and takes time to book ticket . An IIT kharagpur post graduate in aeronautics named Yuvaraja was also an app developer since 2016 developed an app called Super Tatkal and Super Tatkal pro app which used the autofill method to fill the form and also was way to faster to book ticket than compared to the official irctc app . To book the ticket you need to have coins just like in many Android games have . 10 coins costed 20₹ once you book a ticket 5 coins get deducted , basically the app just worked as the local ticketing agents do . The app was totally working on coin based and the payment was all done by the help of Instamojo payment gateway which directly sends the money to his bank account and gateway takes almost 2% from the payment . Apparently the IITian app developer just got arrested , they say the Super Tatkal app bypassed many steps to make the app faster than the original app , the main thing was the CAPTCHA was bypassed in the app format . And they also said that the app is used on the illegal basis so illegal apps will not be entertained . The app and the website he created all were taken down , account to the Indian railways law of section 143(2) the app is illegal and the developer earns by the way of using the illegal app and also the developer too. Which makes him the theif , and with such justification the IITian has been arrested . Birendra Kumar the southern railway cheif security commissioner said the app bypassed many steps and this makes the scam way to earn money out of the railway ticketing . He also said it is very dishearten thing that the country's engineer that to from iit to get arrested by this way is painful. Yuvaraja's friend who tweeted that the boy's family is poor and he was the only source for the the family's earnings and now that he is arrested what will they do , India don't like innovation they only kill them . Many students and people on social media taking side of the engineer to help him out and give him the justice he deserves . Public figure and a politician Shashi tharur also said "This story of an IIT grad arrested for developing an innovative app that auto-fills Tatkal Railway ticket forms is a national embarrassment. I can't imagine @PiyushGoyal would have authorised such an absurd prosecution. Encourage the guy, don't punish him!".