PS5 the one of the most high-end controllers ever had in gaming console history. Now is also known to have the best Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It is just blowing minds off with such the best Haptic that it gives you the total exact tension that you would feel when you wind the bow arrow in the game the controller is said to be the best for the game called Astro's Playroom. The controller is said to have best Haptic than the iPhone Haptic and even the Nintendo's switch Haptic. The key additional thing in this is new adaptive triggers that really change the feeling of the in-game experience. According to me, I guess the controller can also give the best and the most practical sense of gaming reality in PS5's VR-based games too. In games like PUBG and Fortnite, the trigger shooting will be more life-like felling to kill your fellow members. Sporty games like NBA 2K21 in PS5 will have the very next-gen shiny look of realism feel of hitting the ball on the floor the energy drain of the player and gets him to energize and get back to the bottom an amazing feel with this awesome PS5 controller. 

This is how the adaptive trigger works in a PS5 controller. And you can also get the first look at the game with this controller down below.