Telegram a chat app is now growing day by day more and more , and on the eve of halloween the company introduced some new advancements in the app. The first one is nothing but the there are new emojis of Halloween special are being introduced . With this there are also other updates , that is total 4 new updates in which it includes as follows below .

1. Multiple pinned messages 

In this the admin of the group or channel can pin the important message by the members and divide it into smaller parts it is also enabled for personal chats too , for this you have to simply click on the top right corner of the chat section and enable it, now you can spread all you chats at once .

2. Live location 2.0 

Location pinning is already in use by many messaging apps but this one is little different as not only you can share the location to the other user but also you will get the notification as soon as you reach the user and you can also set / adjust by notifying you by half a kilometer away or one kilometer away. The you can also track live location of the user with the help of pointed arrow navigating live .

3. Playlist 

In this feature the user sending multiple songs in audio format can directly converted into playlist and also can change the name of playlist According to your choice , by it's genre or anything you want.

4. Channel post stats 

The channel admins can now check their posts stats by it's view no. Of time shared and monitor all the reaches and responses regarding to the admins posts .