League of legends (LOL) the Masterpiece by Riot games once again shows their audience the jaw dropping techno verse kind of concert. Every year the concerts were made holographic , many holographic projections are made all over stadium and this time too they didn't missed any chance and made some spectacular move with their paradigm shift of idea in conducting the concert . As this time the the whole event was made in AR (augmented reality) form , like Everytime event started with the event theme song conducted by K/DA then comes the anthem of LOL . Then all the players were introduced in virtual towering under a virtual stone Colossus .

The event was conducted in Pudong football stadium at Shanghai . The total attendance was 6000 people gathering . With the event Riot game also gave a streak peak of their league of legends first spinoff by Riot Forge "The Ruined King"

Audience were on feet bitting their nails to watch the climax of war between Korea's Damwon Gaming takes on China's Sunning gaming . But at the end the better team wins as Damwon Gaming snatches victory from the hands of defeat .