Car that can transform itself into a plane a special type of instruction key will be given inside the car just like the self driving option button in the car if switched to plane ,the car just transform itself into a plane in just 3 minutes and when the car tested the car flew almost 1500 feet above the ground and also landed safely . The car is developed in Slovakian firm called Klein Vision , the car is called as the Air Car the latest generation flying car . The car is also programmed to also use it as a self driving car too. The car also made a safe landing on the runways too. The fifth generation flying car designed by Professor Stefan Klein completed two 1500 AGL flights at piestany airport at Slovakia . The manufacturer is not only Klien vision but also a firm called Aeromobil the car weighs 1500kg and can load uptown additional 200kg . The car is powered up by BMW 1.6l engine , effective power output of 140HP the flight range is up to 1000km and flight consumption of 18 l/h . 

My views the car is the dream of all from the tech leaders to local people . There are many films related to future and how will it look like and now it is all come true . During our childhood We use to play GTA vice city in that there was a cheat called come fly with me due to which we can turn any car into flying car and now it is all becoming like present futuristic thing in our world .