Atmanirbhar apps produced by MITRON is now launched by the indian developers only for Android on playstore . The app consists of many other apps that are all produced by the Indian app developers or app developing company . All around till now there are almost 100 apps being displayed on the atmanirbhar apps . The app is just kind of app store but it is available on an other app store that is playstore . So I guess soon all new games developed by Indians should all be registered and displayed on the atmanirbhar app store.

The app consists of grocery apps to shop online it also contains kagaz scanner which can be used as the cam scanner or Adobe scanner . There are many apps that are used to book travel tickets , health related apps , short video making apps like Mitron itself .

The only thing that is people of India are really a kind of complain makers they will only complain about the country that it wouldn't grow more but I say the people are the one who are nagging our country back this app just has 10k downloads till now with 4.7 rating I say you shout all use it for the betterment and this can uprise many Indian app developers to do more apps like this .

My suggestion government should soon start make a platform like Android or just join hands with the os developer of Google and launch it's own app store rather than hiding the app in the crowd of other apps as using playstore doesn't make this app a fully atmanirbhar app . And one more is to launch it for PC too as mobile is not the only platform people are using for right now and this time there are almost 2 to 3 PC games that are totally made by the Indian developers and more to come and I think such app store can also be used to showcased our countries PC games too this will not only increase the market of app but also the use all over India .