Raspberry pi is also know as the drawf computer if any one wants to tweak and do some coding and use of Linux raspberry is the best computer you can ever get that too in a very cheaper price . Raspberry pi today's makes a kickoff with it's pi 400 series which is made of ARM processors based of RISC architecture . But this time the computer is no longer just a motherboard kind of tweaky computer but this time the company has made it something different by compacting the whole pi 400 inside a keyboard which enables the user to use the device like plug and play machine . You just have take the keyboard USB wire and connect it to your led tv or monitors USB slot or there is also option to connect by micro sd slot too and there you go with the fully packed Linux machine to run . The machine is very much useful for people who want to learn coding. As the machine is totally based on the ARM  (RISC architecture) it is said as to be more fast and powerful compared to the smartphones . The machine manufacturer Acorn computers which used it's standalone keyboard as a basis for the Acorn atom computer. 

The specs of the keyboard is some what like this as given , slightly faster than quad core CPU with 1.8 ghz , with ARM cortex-A72 CPU with 1.5ghz and up, 4gb ram , gigabit ethernet , Bluetooth 5.0 , 802.11ac wifi. There are pair of HDMI ports that also supports connection upto 4k display , it has USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports powers connection is via usb-c type , micro sd card slot for storage purpose and also has GPIO header to attach many devices at a time .

According to the Acorn computers computer manufactures should get ready and start to accept ARM based CPUs to make the process more faster and this can not only change the computer speed but also change processing speed too. And in all this keyboard based computer is used to normal surfing , emailing , and for programming by the way the computer will work totally on linux . Till now the machine has only one color variant combination of pink and white but now the company is looking forward to come up with the black and grey color combination variant too.