Panasonic the leading tech company of japan , is now going to solve the growing problem of the the people dropping their wireless earbuds on the railway tracks . What happens here is the wireless earbuds are small that fits in ears and we throw it on the railway tracks the earbuds get stuck in between the tracks which causes problems . The Japan's formerly private rail company JR East says that the problem is growing day by day and till now it is reported to found almost 950 such cases . The railways tracks and cleaning staff use a magnetic and some non magnetic wands too , to pic the trash out of the tracks but as the earbuds get stuck the staff can pic all of them in the due course of train arrival interval thats why many staff member wait their till night to clean the tracks . To make the thing easy panasonic joined hands with the railway company and now they have developed a vaccum cleaner type of wand pipe what ever it is which will easily take out the stuck earbuds between the track by the help of it's suction power of air . As you can see the image below as this device was tested in ikebukuro station the hub of North tokyo, japan has said to be the powerful vaccum cleaner than compared to the previous wand the company used to use .

Pic credits - JR East via Jiji press