Call of duty black ops cold war another edition of the Black ops franchise back after long time . With this new launched the franchise is also making some new and a unique changes of syncing game of different call of duty series . As of now the on going game call of duty modern warfare 2019 and the warzone both provide the total free battel Royale online gaming . The gamers all around the world will have the access to sync their game that is if you purchased the weapons and it's skins then you can access those weapons and the skins in both the game mw and warzone till now ( as cold war is till now not have the access of weapon syncing ) if you progress to a certain level you level will sync in all the 3 games are as if you the level from 1 to 55 will be said as the military level . The major takeaway is the skins ,cosmetics, weapons of the created player that you can transfer it to game by game in your all multiplayer cod games the cold war Battle Royale game will kick off on November 12 where as the cold war season 1 the official game will be out on 10th December this year . For more info check the full blog 

My suggestions the developers must also keep the sync system with the cod cod mobile version and with the upcoming COD warzone mobile version too.