TCS the IT hub of Tata groups and India too, according to the last months recent records  it is found that the TCS is the world's most valuable company beating Accenture for the first time . The reports by Bloomberg says the stocks of TCS $144.7Billion where as talking of Accenture it is $143.4 Billion which clearly shows that TCS the top position . But TCS couldn't hold the position for longer time as the market fall down by 1.5 % . 

As the reports TCS had climb the market to the top in August as well as in the quarter end of September which is the most highest in tow years where as Accenture follow  a fiscal in September and august and has droped the value in the quarter end . The covid situation didn't effect much on TCS where as Accenture had a heavy loss in the value .
“We are at the start of the first phase of the multi-year transformation cycle. The strong order book, a very robust deal pipeline and continued market share gains give us confidence for the future,” Rajesh Gopinathan, chief executive officer and managing director at TCS.