Apple to unveil it's next big thing of this year in 10th November . " The one more thing " is set on 10 a.m. PST and it is rumored to unveil the most awaited apple product of Apple Silicon Mac laptops obviously the event will be conducted totally on online platform as we all know due to amid covid shutdown it is very difficult to make the product sky reach the promo . The reporters should have to attend the event at the right time and record things and make a promo but this isn't that effective still, but still apple managed to do this 2 times last month for their iPhone 12 Mac  , mac watch and ipad and now  this time it's about their new laptop i.e. Mac book they are going to unveil. As said earlier by the company that the device is going to be most powerful thing out of all the devices till now. As this time the laptop is all focused on their new RISC architectured micro chips ARM microprocessors , which itself seems like the computer is going to be no less that a beast performance device . The device is mostly set to launch till the end of Q4 2020. That's not all the most waited Air Tag and apple studio headphones will also be added in the following event all on 10th November so brace yourself if you are a apple product collector.