Image- Abbott (by Microsoft) 

Microsoft Teams, is making easy for users to connect with their friends and family members in this pandemic. While everyone is limited to online meetings. To take on Zoom, Google Meet and other video calling platforms Microsoft announced Teams for web and desktop on Friday. The best feature that this version of Microsoft Teams brings is the free video calls for everyone.

The Microsoft has announced Microsoft Teams for desktop or web users will be free for up to 300 users every day. The company also said that users not need to create a Microsoft Teams or Microsoft account to join a call on the web. Microsoft Teams for web will also support up to 49 members in a gallery view or in Together Mode. To use Microsoft Teams web version for free users will need to first create a meeting link and share it with the people who he/she wants to join the meeting. People will be able to simply click on the meeting link and join the meeting.

The free service is expected to help Microsoft to get more and more users on the platform. Zoom is also lifting the 40-minute video call limit for Thanksgiving. Other video calling platforms like Google Meet has a 60 minute limit and Cisco Webex has 50 minute calll limit.

Microsoft Team was a little late at joining the competition and faced challenges from Google Meet, Zoom and other video calling platforms.

Blog credits - Shantanu Chavan