Google phone app

Google is the greatest tech giant of all time after the announcement of the g-suite re-branding, now we are going to see something which was not expected to be. Google is coming up with a new replacement for the regular inbuilt phone app on every Android phone.

Phone app

Somewhat like this, which will now replace into 

Google Call. This will now make Google Monopoly in phone app too but the news is still not fixed some people found a youtube ad and also on a Reddit account which makes it suspicious yet fix, cause after the re-branding Google is making lots of advancements in its system which makes this to happen in a very possible way in near future. The app according to some sources is found to say that is way more good and efficient to find the real or unknown caller's name which is better than the easily tweakable Truecaller. Till the time comes we have to wait and watch what all things can be possibly come. According to my, I guess this can be a very powerful way to make the company system more efficient use and, even Google can make it more automated with the help of google assistant too.