Elon Musk the real life Tony Stark , according to the latest reports Elon musk is the second richest man of the world with estimated net work of $128 billion which is just pinch more than Microsoft's own Bill Gates

      Image - Bloomberg

This is the second time that Bill Gates got slipped off from the second position , as Bill Gates was the richest man for over 4 years as Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon became the richest man with the net worth of $181 billion in 2017 and still . At the beginning of 2020 musk was the 35th richest man but after the great success in his SpaceX projects of Falcon 9 and providing the satellites for the US army the stocks gone straight up which landed him to the second position . As it is known that Musk dont take a single penny as salary from his company he takes compensation after hitting every price milestone . Musk has came far way from The Boring Company to SpaceX  and from X.com to PayPal and now with Tesla from 2012 with company price of just $4 Billion to $100 Billion and according to some it is predicted to become $500 Billion soon .