0 will be necessary to add for landline

0 will now on be necessary to add before the mobile number you enter in landline devices.   Department Of Telecom (DoT) has accepted the approval put forth by (TRAI) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. This condition is not similar to increasing the digits for Telecom service for mobile. According to TRAI, it is said that '0' will be considered as the particular adequate number for calling mobile devices which will have a different fixed line for the mobile services. According to regulatory adding a new number will give the possibility to generate dialing capacity of up to 2544 million. As the number adding will also give enough number spacing to provide telecom services. The plan by TRAI was proposed on May 19 2020 but from January 1, 2021, it will be strictly applied for almost all landline services. A special appraisal will be made to those who will try to call a mobile number from a landline without adding 0. Also, adding a special fixed line will help to improve the Telecom service and experience of calling mobile devices from a landline, will also have a good bandwidth too. The proposal by TRAI also made that to have 11 digit number for mobile devices which will increase generating 10 billion numbers and 13 digits for mobile numbers allowed for dongles.