Haptic Technology as said before is technology that gives you the feel of touch of the virtual objects which will change the immersion and the experience of virtual world . And in today's world haptic technology is normally and mainly used in the world of gaming to give their gamers the life like experience . Here are some of the questions about the use of haptic feedback .

1. How does the haptic framework work in Android ?

Haptic framework doesn't work on all phones it depends on the device and their configuration , but in today's date almost every android smartphones have the haptic feedback . As we all know haptics are the most important things to feel the notifs , the feedback which cause the vibration kind of sensation of the phone is because of the haptic motor or the haptic pad present inside the phone near the battery or some are near the processors . The android APIs or you can also call it as the inbuilt android softwares which comes with the android updates help to regulate these haptic motors . The android APIs help the haptic motor to work and also give the shape to intensity of vibration . Below given chart will help you to understand about the connection of an API and Haptic hardware .

                                               chart source - android.com

There are 3 stages of Haptics according to Android API they are like

1. Buzzy Vibration 

2. Clear Vibration 

3. Rich Vibration 

Buzzy Vibration -

Buzzy vibrations are the low quality yet battery efficient ERM . The buzzy are the one which are being replaced for silent phone ring , this vibrations give the low quality of vibration feels and also they are normally used for phone ringing vibrations and also message receiving vibration.

Clear Vibration

Clear vibration are the one which are little good quality haptic vibrations and also you can count on this feature to have a better sense of haptic usage . The feature has the clear and sharp sensation rather than having mushy experience .

There are some predefined haptic constants used in the android APIs are as follows 


In Vibration Effect:


The above given haptic vibration are all controlled with help of android APIs *

Basic click effect and long press effects are all given with the good quality and sharp motor movement by the help of API .

Rich Vibration - 

Rich Vibrations are the highest quality of haptic effect and normally found in new devices as for rich vibration the device requires the latest phones as these are included in latest android APIs . The feedback given in this are normally sharp and also more power consuming so in new devices which have the battery of more than 3000mAH is required the most . Rich vibration is normally found when sliding textures , swiping , dragging . The vibration has the fine detailing of granularity , high composability , adjustability . And the API also allows the user to have their own sense of haptic vibration .

2. How can I trigger vibration for haptic feedback and immersive experience in PUBG mobile?

It is true that games like pubg will be more intense when played with the effect of haptics which will not only increase the experience but also the quality of the gameplay . But at the end of the day it all depends on the mobile configuration if the mobile is that good to have access to the latest API and better hardware access then the config to have a better haptic for the mobile game is also possible . Some latest phones like ROG phone by Asus , Oneplus nord and many other phones not only have the access to the latest android APIs but also have the better hardware to push the haptic to its limits , as these phone also have the special settings called game mode and many others customizable settings to set the intensity of the haptics .