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LG’s already come with rollable TV on its high-end Signature lineup starting at $60,000, and the company recently filed for the "Rollable" name, supposedly for an LG-made smartphone with a slide out display. The company might also be with the idea for a future laptop.

LG’s latest patent shows a whole new laptop form factor, one that would involve a 17-inch display that rolls up to stow away. The display can unroll to anywhere from a 13.3-inch to 17-inch display size.

Based on the image, it also looks like the keyboard and touchpad can also fold onto itself making tablet like device to take up even less space when it’s not in used. This is an interesting concept. Oppo recently unveiled its first-ever rollable smartphone. Called Oppo X 2021, the concept smartphone has two motors that uniformly extend the extra screen. The phone uses a Motor to expand from a 6.7-inch screen to a 7.4-inch tablet.

LG is also rumoured to be working on a phone with a rollable display. If a recent report is to be believed, LG’s rollable phone will arrive in March 2021. The phone codenamed B Project will be part of the company’s ambitious Explorer Project. The rumoured LG foldable phone is said to “allow one of the sides of the front screen to be pulled to have the screen-roll out to become a larger screen.

Blog credits - Shantanu Chavan