League of Legends rifts

League of Legends is said to be the game for Legends by Legends, the developer Riot Games yesterday made the long-awaited Mobo game get out of its cage and roar in rahe all over gaming leagues. LOL WILD RIFT is out for free for all mobo users for it's beta version.

League of Legends

With this comes the sad part of the game and that is the LOL fans from India and the United States can't have beta access to the game. But here comes the fun fact and that is you need not have to worry about the thing much as we are going to help you guide how to download the game irrespective of your country. Just follow the steps in that blog.

In my opinion with the growing mobo gaming industry, the company which originally started its LOL series on PC now shows interest in mobile too, PC gaming can be a little costly and all can't afford but mobile nowadays is common and LOL kind of games don't even need much gpu strength to run the app. 

App download link and steps 

If you know all the safety steps ensure to download the game directly download it from this link.