Sony now clears the air off by giving the whole list of PS4 games that won't run on PS5 . Earlier this month we got to know that the company is launching PS5 that won't have and backward compatibility but almost 99% off the PS4 games will run on the latest 5th edition . And now they are all in front of us the list doesn't contain that exciting games that the gamers will miss much so the list goes on this way below .

1. Assassin's Creed Syndicate

2. Assassin's Creed : Chronicles trilogy 

         a. Assassin's Creed : Chronicles India

         b. Assassin's Creed : Chronicles China 

         c. Assassin's Creed : Chronicles Russia 

3. Risk

4. Werewolves Within

5. Space Junkies

6. Star trek : Bridge Crew

So it seems like most of the assassin's creed games of PS4 will now be not available on ps5 . The main thing here is Star trek and the space Junkies are psvr games and these to vr games will not be compatible with ps5, btw the as earlier ps5 said that the vr games will be playable on ps5 but you would need a special adapter to connect the vr .