Apple is going to host the virtual webinar for everyone even in India for free . Earlier it wasn't there for India but from this time India will also be included in the list . As of till last year people used to attend the session by visiting the apple retail but this year due to the pandemic it is all made online and that too for free . The webinar is all about professional art , music , photography and many more, the event is started from 17th October and will continue till 29th of November . The photography session will be conducted by mumbai based pro photographer Siddhartha Joshi, Avani Rai, Anurag Banerjee, Prarthna Singh, and Hashmi Badani. Music sessions so far include a beginner's course to Garage Band. The full schedule can be found here. The music skill sessions will also include sessions by Lisa Mishra, DIVINE, Aditi Ramesh, Raja Kumari, and Prateek Kuhad soon.

Photography session will be Kick-started by Siddhartha Joshi and to attend the webinar everyone need to have the Webx for compulsory as the session will all be held in Webx if you are under 18 you will need the parental sing up and just join the session and learn from the experts