China tact's for arunachal pradesh , as this is my first ever post on china or about chinese product that im going to talk about now . Recently if you are following some of the tech YouTube channels then you may know that in Chinese brand phones like xaomi , oppo , vivo and don't know how many duplicates with different brand name they have produced and all of them suddenly stop showing arunachal pradesh map form their default weather app. You can even try it if you have any "C graded" phones with you and it will just show you no results found , as we all know China always indicate Arunachal Pradesh as south tibet and they occupy the whole of tibet so they also claim arunachal pradesh as their region with such cheap tactics to hide down the region on the app . Btw if you are aware of then you may know that one plus co-founder Carl Pei just left the company to take a time off , PUBG CORP . wants to leave Tencent as it is rumored and we also can find that now a days these oppo vivo phone too have make in India written on it don't know how they are made in India if it was then this wouldn't happen , so looking at all above circumstances we can come to a point that china has got a major impact from the product ban in India and so this things can be their tact's to some other big picture as we can never believe them .

THANKYOU! to read it all and if you are aware a little please try to stop purchasing "C" products.