AMC the american film theater company (like INOX ,EROS in India) is going to offer people to rent a screen just for $99 . But it has some limitation as you can only allow almost 20 people with you to your rented screen. As this measure is took by the company so that you can enjoy your favourite movie with your known one and not with some stranger and also the company is going under major loss and they are running out of revenue so in the conference the company send that if this continues for long than they will be totally out of the revenue and will be left nothing till the end of this year .The measure was also taken up by the others like Cinemark , Alamo Drafthouse in USA  . They also made some price plans like you can also watch old movies too like Avengers : Endgame , Conjuring , Conjuring 2 , Monsters inc. and many more and these films all be at the price of $100 but the new film that are coming up next will be cost differently like TENET  a  2020 movie  will all be priced little high like around $349 or something like that . The theater giant REGAL has announced that they are going to stay close for some more time and as soon as they are going to reopen they will notified people . You can approach the cinema almost all around the US excluding New york , Alaska  and Hawaii