XBOX series s makes a strong outbreak today for the gamers who can't afford XBOX or the new PS5 can think about to start for this edition of XBOX .As  Microsoft said it they will be selling 2 consoles this year itself .And it starts its pre-order process from today on almost all the online stores like Amazon,BestBuy,Newegg,Walmart,Gamestop in USA and for UK  as it is available on Amazon,Very ,AO, Argos,Microsoft,Currys,john lewis . For the gamers of different country sorry there isn't any official launch in your country yet, but you can stick to your preferred news article site and can also stick to this site as I will be bringing all possible updates about gaming and stuff .

            Now talking about the main point about this article and that is the price of this cheap console from microsoft as it is $200 if you pre order it and after the release it can be almost of $299 approx $300 (marketing strategy) from the below links you can find the live selling of the console in different stores of 2 different countries (can't pre order it from this link )   

Xbox Series S pre-orders: quick links


  • Best Buy: pre-orders live now
  • Microsoft: pre-orders previously live - keep trying
  • Amazon: pre-orders currently unavailable
  • Newegg: pre-orders currently unavailable
  • Walmart: pre-orders listed out of stock - keep refreshing
  • GameStop: pre-orders currently unavailable


Very: pre-orders live and in stock
  • Amazon: pre-orders previously live - awaiting stock
  • AO: pre-orders live and in stock (with added extras)
  • Argos: pre-orders live with regional stock
  • Microsoft: pre-orders previously live - awaiting stock
  • Currys: pre-orders previously live - awaiting stock
As we can see from the above links it has made a very strong trail in UK stores than in USA stores . XBOX series s will not be supporting 4K gaming as it is obvious you can't get and you even should not expect too much from a cheaper version console of a flagship company in the gaming industry, the console will be disc less and will be included with ssd . GPU & CPU will be revealed later with the proper release date.
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