Rocket League makes a strong farewell from steam  last month with that said it is going free for all the rocket league gamers from september 24 2020 cross play will enabled, and fans across the world are more than excited for the game . Not just that rocket soccer mashup title is gonna team up with the fortnite for a few week for a crossover goodness. With fortnite's party royal concert with the new rtx ray tracing enabled which will give the concert a life will all be in the rocket league itself which is making people going gaga in full swing .

                                                PC, Ps4,Xbox, Nintendo switch will all be getting this game for free as it is too simple to roll out on any console. For the gamers who already purchased the game from steam will not be effected from this they will get all the new updates available for the new enthusiasts you may have to download the game from the Epic store.Making the game free is a very groundbreaking move and the game also broke its record on march by crossing almost half a million players online.

  Those who had purchased prior for its free to play status will be getting a Legacy Status in the game which will make them avail many variety of cosmetic items for the game , which includes Golden cosmos Boost, Deici oro wheels,Huntress Player banner , Est 2020 title and all past DLCs with the game .


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