Cyberpunk 2077 one of the most anticipated game of 2020 is yet to hit the market for its bursting blockbuster gameplay with a extraordinary DLSS , storyline, Graphics, and also for the hollywood celeb debut (as it is reported on E3 and gamescom on debut of keanu reeves)  to get into it. As of now  it is reported the Apparel giant Adidas just launched their custom Cyberpunk 2077 Sneakers to gear up the game for its launch, as this was revealed by (popular sneaker collector) Solebyjc on instagram but company is yet to reveal it with the strong proof .

The sneakers follows the same color scheme of the predominant games marketing,as it is a very flashy pair of sneakers . The company to collab with such a huge apparel giant itself makes the games most publicity though it is yet to confirm form the company itself . The sneakers might be a collectors valuable item  , so for the sneaker collectors it is a very good opportunity to invest money on this fab pair as its gonna have a large pop in future .
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