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                                                                   The New Wikipedia

Wikipedia the website which almost every brainy kids use to get information and start to flex it in front of class to Impress others , has become one of the most visited site in the whole search data of google . Its is the most common go-to website for almost any one in the internet who are in search of any information about particular topic for almost millions of people around the globe. Btw it is almost the backbone of the information source in the whole google & internet world. 

                                          As we all know that the site has not at all changed its interface from almost (i guess ) 2 decades , but now finally the day has almost arrived and we gonna see the new interface and some new change in looks of our grandpa info site and also it is going to be the  more user friendly then it was before.(Refer to the above GIF to get some idea about site)

            It is possible to see some of the changes that are about to take place as Gif. One of the major changes will be coming to how you access ‘Table of contents’. Instead of scrolling and skipping through sections, you can now access ‘Table of contents’ from the top corner and directly click on any section without putting an extra effort to scroll.

There will also be a collapsible sidebar that will come as a part of the roll out. The purpose of this is to let readers view the content with more focus, pushing out extra text out of the screen. Also, there could be an easy one-click button to change the language of the page.

And lastly, the update is also said to add improvements to the in-site search tool so users find it easier to search pages. This may come besides a reconfigured logo that’s a bit more colourful.

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