Quantum Processors
 Processors work on Quantum Level. 

         How do processors work at the quantum level? Is some kind of confusion that people especially beginners usually have, is processors used in quantum computers are same as that of normal classic computers? There are many companies that not only produce Quantum Computers but also Quantum Processors like 1Qbit, QC Ware, Honeywell, D-Wave, Xanadu Quantum Technologies and etc. but that are companies that are tech giants and now also widening their hands to quantum technology like IBM, Google and etc. These companies have had made some classic quantum processors since 2011. These processors are given as follows.
1. Bristlecone of 72 qubits by Google in 2018
2. Sycamore of 53-54 qubits by Google in 2019
3. X8 of 8 qubits by Xanadu Quantum Technologies in 2020
4. IBM Q 14 Melbourne of 14 qubits by IBM
    The above-given types of quantum processors are the QPUs based on a quantum circuit that means these processors are nothing less than the normal quantum computers and these processors work based on qubits as mentioned above and all other quantum programming is being done with the help of these kinds of processors. These are just the normal quantum computers, with the help of which we can research how quantum computers work and how programming works on them. Whereas some quantum processors are different from the normal ones those are given below.
1. D-Wave Two of 512 qubits by D-Wave in 2013
2. D-Wave 2X of 1152 qubits by D-Wave in 2015
3. D-Wave One of 128 qubits by D-Wave in 2011
4. D-Wave 2000Q of 2048 qubits by D-Wave in 2017
    The above-given series of QPUs are the QPUs based on Quantum Annealing. Now, what does this means Quantum Annealing works somewhat in a different way compared to the classic quantum computers. Quantum Annealing is the generic approximate method of searching the minimum cost function through the control of quantum fluctuation. The method of annealing is most useful for optimization of the problem and logistics. The annealing helps the researchers to get a closer look through every problem where search space is discrete with the local minima ( Mathematical analysis of finding minima and maxima ), and

get the optimization in traveling salesman problem ( Is data structure algorithm to find the nearest and the shortest path to the destination with the help of programming ). With the help of Quantum Annealing, many major companies like Google and space research organizations like NASA use it not only in quantum researches but also for Artificial Intelligence in Quantum Computers. D-Wave is the major quantum giant which produces such processors for annealing.