Quantum Programming
Quantum Programming 

     Programming on Quantum Computer is the most technical and a really complex thing. Before moving to Qiskit's programming let us know what actually it is and how does it help us in getting things done ( All other quantum programming platforms and SDKs work the same as the mentioned and one in this project ). Here in this project, we will be using Qiskit's SDK to write a quantum program and IBM cloud quantum programming platform to perform as mentioned in the last post. The notable thing before starting is the syntax that will be used in this programming. The programming language and syntax used resembles C++ programming. 

Syntax -  

  Syntax and the programming language is specific and exclusive for quantum programming which looks the same as C++ 

qureg x1[2]; // 2-qubit quantum register x1 qureg x2[2]; // 2-qubit quantum register x2 H(x1); // Hadamard operation on x1 H(x2[1]); // Hadamard operation on the first qubit of the register x

Here we can see that the Hadamard operation is being used to make use of the Hadamard gate. The significance of this gate is that this only works on the single-qubit and when controlled-H it is used for a double qubit. Qureg is the quantum register in the system for 2 qubits. In short, the Hadamard operation is being operated on per qubit of the register at a time. 

qcl> dump : STATE: 4 / 32 qubits allocated, 28 / 32 qubits free 0.35355 |0> + 0.35355 |1> + 0.35355 |2> + 0.35355 |3> + 0.35355 |8> + 0.35355 |9> + 0.35355 |10> + 0.35355 |11>

In this, the "qcl" is a quantum library and allocates the free space in the register to store the quantum functions. To know what is Quantum gates you can refer to the chart below.

Quantum logic gates

The above chart is referred to by the quantum chart of Wikipedia. - Wikipedia