Nvidia gaming and their graphic hardware are the most popular and the beast graphics machine of all time in the gaming industry . As many of us know that the company uses the ISA of X86 that is the CISC (know what it is click here)  with their set of own Micro-architectures that is you may have heard of Maxwell , Kepler ,Tesla architectures (these are the microarchitecture names made by Nvidia itself , so basically microarchitectures are the way of arranging the CISC/RISC architecture onboard of a microprocessor) .

According to the the last article  about Nvidia to tie up with ARM that is the RISC architecture , is now totally hidden behind the clouds which means no one is totally clear about this major switch . But when RISC comes in a picture I would say that the idea may or may not be true plan but with the growing market of graphic industry, and we also know that Nvidia not only provides the graphic but also the AI & Deep Learning with it ,which makes the company far beyond the league . The company can use their RISC Collab plan with ARM to make a debut in the mobile computing so that people can not only experience the power of Deep Learning in computer engineering but also in mobile computing branch as in todays world the mobile computing and gaming is growing tremendously . And with nvidia's microarchitecture plan for mobile microprocessors and the ISA architecture as the RISC architecture which will totally change the way of mobile computing experience and can also make far more difference than the existing microprocessor's microarchitecture of the well know dominating mobile processor company Qualcomm Snapdragon. 

One more important thing if you to know more about the microarchitecture you can come down below ill soon be makin a detailed article on this .