India has the world's one of the most powerful Super computer announced by last month by The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDCA) . CDCA to commission India to have the country's largest and greatest HPC-AI super computer named as "Param Siddhi" which means the Ultimate Accomplishment . The super computer of India ranked 63rd which comes under top 100 out of 500 super computer which makes the computer to become the inductee of the elite club of Super computer according to the Global Technology Information Provider Atos . The whole super computer is AI built and powered by the graphic card industry giant Nvidia , with Nvidia DGX A100 system connected to Nvidia mellanox HDR infiband network ,C-DAC HPC-AI engine , AI software stack and cloud platform . The machine gives the performance of 4.6 petaflops sustained and ai performance of 210 petaflops . 
The super computer is established under the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM). The powerful machine will help to have the data cloud storage , in ai advancements like robotics robot works , will also help many startups with the cloud storage facility , healthcare , Agro tech , space , defences , army use , for education , AI and Natural Language Processing and many more .
According to mint Param Siddhi is not the only super computer to be in elite from india , but the weather forecast super computer named "Pratyush" also ranked under top 100 bagging the position on 78th rank .