Among us creator the Inner Sloth recently hinted some new things they are going to bring up next for this indie game . For those who are out of this syllabi Among us is a multiplayer game which you can play with your friends max up to 10 people and 2/1 of your friends will be an imposter who will be killing all you other friends and you couldn't find the imposter you lose it. Recently the Inner sloth is hinting for the release of the new map they are going to launch soon . According to their tweet the details about the update will all be revealed on the greatest stage of Gaming " The GOTY 2020 " as the game has already nominated for two awards one for best indie game of the year and second for best mobile game of the year

By the image We can't get the full map idea but can only say that the map has a huge cockpit area  . The company earlier teased to launch the indie games 2 part that is "Among us 2" but eventually got dumped for what so ever reason .