Sony the japanese tech giant after their many flops of smartphones in other countries the company has moved on to grow in a different way as they have confirmed their date to launch their first ever Spatial Reality technology device that is Spatial Reality Display ( to know what this is jump into my last blog here ) Spatial Reality technology is actually a new technology which adopted by Sony itself this and they are coming up with this gadget now as the device is 4k device with best quality eye tracking system embedded in it not only that they also used a great holographic system with which even it is not a proper holograph but the screen makes it look like the holographic display . 

The price of the device is going to touch the sky limits for obvious reasons and from the company itself it is stated that the price will be  $5500 to $6000 , The device ca give a better opportunity for the content creators and mainly for the animators and the game developers of unity and Unreal engine will also get a good and better opportunity to make their animation and effects more clear and good looking.

look at the first glance of the new technology .


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