Spatial itself is all about the space,area and space occupying so when it comes about spatial reality it is about the space occupying through our vision . Talking it in an easy language when if you get some thing like a mobile phone what will you do first time you will just look through the whole build of the phone like the body quality, texture, colour screen and all . In this to look through all the aspects of the phone you will have to turn your phone in all direction , the area of any part of phone covered by your vision is equal to the spatial region of your vision and as the vision occupying the region is on real time motion  this  is called as the Spatial Reality. The Spatial Reality technology is now adopted by the well know tech giant sony after the loss of their Sony smartphone branding they now moved their vision towards doing something new . As they are going to introduce their first ever Spatial Reality Display , in this they will have a 4k display with holographic display enabled and a good quality of eye tracking sensors as when you download a new model of phone then you can just view the whole built of the phone in the screen as when your eye pupil will move in right side the phone will also turn in the right side by the help of eye tracking camera sensors and due this we can view the whole model of the particular device .Not only this you can also use the technology in viewing the whole production of the car or any vehicle so that you will get to know whole procedure of the car built from all directions and this will all be in the kind of holograph which will make you feel little realistic. 

According to me the initiative of this technology is a great start of some no future expansion of this technology . As we all know this tech is all about to just visualize you cant feel touch as this things is already there called as XR so according to Spatial Reality has no future expansion in the technology more as this can only be used to measure the quality of some product or like that . As VR has many things still to be achieved to make it fully well developed tech stream like VR is all about illusion and HAPTICS that is illusion of touch illusion of smell and taste is also yet to come so like wise SR has no such more expansion of future idea.