GMC the leading automobile company of the grand car Hummer (their flagship car ) is going to change its ways as it joins its hands with the leading game company Epic . As the Game developer of  Fortnite will be helping the auto giant with the help of their Unreal Engine game development platform to build -in car software which the company calls as the Human- Machine Interface (HMI). The first car to get build with the help of Unreal Engine's primary toolkit with which the developers build Fortnite and other countless big budget games . 

The car is going to unveil its all new first look working on 20 October (which you will get on  our blog here first so stay tune in ). The Logic is simple which the company has explained and that is the cars like this all work on screen and keep all the records on their touchscreen boards and Epic is good in developing softwares so from now onwards we can expect that after this grand debut they will also be entering in the other auto softwares too.

“When you sit in the driver’s seat of a modern car today, the way you interact with the vehicle is different from a few years ago. Buttons and screens dominate the dashboard, steering wheel, and instrument pane, providing features that may be new to you. Electrification is at the root of many of these advances, with digital hardware such as cameras, sensors, and displays, combined with cutting-edge technology like Unreal Engine, forming a framework on which to build new experiences,” the company explains in a blog post. “At Epic Games, we’ve long been interested in the way the requirements for HMI development overlap with those of game development. Much of the functionality required to create HMI systems has been available in Unreal Engine for some time.

Get the first look of the Unreal's HMI down below 


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