DDR5 DRAM the specs which was promised by the computer industry 3 years before is now almost about to come . The producing company in of the hardware is SK Hynix has officially made it confirmed , as the company says that they will be fully ready to distribute the hardware from Q3 2021 as the company says that there is no specific motherboard that can support the DDR5 variant till now so the motherboard company should also get ready to manufacture the specific compatible platform that can handle this DRAM specs.

The manufacturing company SK Hynix  says that the speed which you will get with this RAM is od 5600 Mbps which is not fully 6400 Mbps that is not fully the speed that is being promised and it is also stated by the company that the  RAM will be available for 32GB ,64GB and also the 128GB variant . And it is also said that the the power consumption of the RAM is almost 1.1v and not 1.2v and that is 20% less consuming that the DDR4 variant .

The price of the variant is still not revealed , if some one finds it too costly to have then they can also get the same speed by Overclocking the RAM which is of 5100Mbps to 5600Mbps which can all be the same for the same price .


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