Xbox Series X makes a tough fight against PS5

Xbox Series X knows some of the weaknesses of PS5 which the tech giant Microsoft don't want to do so it just swims over the way with their best move that is the backward compatibility of the console of the other previous consoles of the Xbox .

                                                 So its is almost a kind of the win to Xbox ,as we all know that last week ps5 almost ran out of stock due to increase of demand but this didn't happen with the xbox sothe have the ample of stock to make it on time and as well as they can also produce the consoles on time ,this makes a positive side of the xbox company to take over a production win over ps5.

                                                                                                                                 Now talking about the specs of the console it has som epower packed graphics in it which has some ray tracing effect on the game . It has some amazing feature in that it is its boot up speed which saves the transition between the section of games . It  has the amazing load time i guess it is better than the ps5 .It has the nvme ssd in it which saves lots of load time and makes the game more smoother that the other Xbox series console .

In the end ps5 gamers no offence but it all up to you which one you think is the best in all the 360 sides 


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