Lenovo Foldable Laptop Looks

Lenovo to launch its foldable Laptop ,as in previous years we know lenovo launched its Lenovo yoga series ,so with this laptop launch it seems like lenovo has taken the yoga thing seriously and really started its gadgets to make more flexible than the other laptops of different brands in market­čść. With such tech we can easily say that this laptop is nowhere that good for high end editing , rendering and for gaming, as this laptop is not that power packed with the graphics performance so, i may recommend that it is better that people who don't usetheire laptops for high end thing and use only for basic stats things of office or of household things can use it with great experience.Definitely it looks stylish, stunning and more futuristic but at the end of the day it is always recommended that to use it with care as the screen of this laptop is not at all fully made of gorilla glass if it was made than the laptop wouldn't be this flexible , many R&Ds working on this to make the foldable screens with gorilla glass but yet not released . so as the screen is not made with such quality so it better to use it with great care.

                                              Talking about the specs of this laptop the screen is made of 13 inch OLED display, it opens up to fully 90 degree wide so that you can use that laptop as a large tablet , it is packed with intel's 11th gen (tiger lake) processor of  i3,i5,i7 , 2 USB-C type port a sim card slot , 8gb ram 1 tb hdd storage, 50wh battery 5G supported it weighs 2.2 pounds (900 grams) . The laptop price is $2499 if preordered.

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