Valorant a PvP hybrid P.C. game of CS:GO and Apex Legend by Riot Games .There can be only 4 player in a team which will go against other teams of 4 online just like CS:GO but the change here is there are some new characters out every 2 months and player can buy those characters and every character has a unique powers. Team with the most kills and survives wins the battle .

        Valorant on mobile device like android & iOS is the most speculated news around the Valo universe created a buzz . What will be the specs required for Valorant mobile ? Will there be a lite version for Valorant mobile just like PUBG ? and many more . These are just speculation no confirm news is yet being made so for now we can say that the game is definitely entering the mobile gaming world . And according to me it will just have the minimum specs to handle that means older phones too can run the game . How did I speculate the hardware requirement ? Its because the PC version too don't need any high specs and also Valorant is said to be the most highly optimized game in PvP gaming industry . Really appreciating the work of Riots as they always do . 

          Valorant on mobile phone idea was initially came into my mind as I wanted to develop the same game but as I am not any developer from Riot Games and I have no rights to use the same characters in my mobile version of valorant and also I have not much money to hold the multi player servers so unfortunately dropped the Idea of it . But then I came across to develop my favorite horror game OUTLAST by me in my own version named " Let Me In ! " as it has 2nd  as well as  3rd part too coming soo . The First initial part is set to release till 12 June 2021 , till then you can enjoy my other games on . 

Thank You !