Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox gets upgraded as of its new update arrives days before and has some of the best updates which makes Mozilla to make its place above chrome soon . Computer software come in different types like different applications which consists of normal application tools which run offline ,  web application and games . All forms of application need one thing which makes them more popular in people is the its optimization and customization as we saw in case of Cyberpunk 2077 . When it comes to the topic of optimization web browsers are the one which requires the most optimization as almost all internet related work is being carried out by browsers , and looking at todays world we can easily say that no one work in just one tab at least 5 to 10 tabs are kept open all at the same time . 

Analysis -      

                 Let us analyze things by breaking down different browsers . For this part we will compare two of these giants Chrome V/S Mozilla Firefox and also taking Safari into Chrome's side . Talking about Chrome and its working , Chrome has the best in class features to make its user surf seamlessly as chrome has many of such extensions provided which makes your life easy to do multi tasking work . But when we talk about performance there are lots of bugs and the system is too heavy to handle for weak computers . Chrome requires lots of recourses to work smoothly . Sync facility is too poor for example if you want to continue reading your article from your favorite site like " Haptictechnology " on your mobile phone switching from you computer you can't do that easy . Same things with Safari too . 

 Now taking Mozilla into consideration right now the new update of the browser has made many fall in love with this as it has totally transformed to a very handy browser any weak computer can handle it easily that too with max of 5 - 6 tabs all opened at the same time that to on a weak computer . the most important thing which makes it so lite is that the tabs section is not attached with the tool bar which makes the browser less recourse sucker . The Interface makes the Mozilla look more clean simple and presentable . And talking about the sync facility on the top right corner the " Pocket " facility which you just have to activate it and you can access Mozilla from PC , mobile all as the same thing .