The Facebook ban in India got into a trend in recent days as we all know, but Facebook to get a real ban for some, but how ? and why? 27 May 2021 Facebook made a new set of rules where users who just try to spread misinformation get banned from Facebook forever as of past months in January during the American presidential election Facebook gave freedom to users to post anything they want but after a large number of misconception spread on Facebook about Covid-19 and its vaccine the company try to ban users who are spreading misinformation on the platform. 

For several years, the social media behemoth has worked on fact-checking collaborations aimed at discouraging the spread of viral misinformation, labeling offensive postings rather than eliminating them. It has taken tiny measures toward suppressing items that have been deemed to be misleading or controversial in some circumstances, such as eliminating recommendations for political parties before the 2020 election. Users, on the other hand, were free to publish whatever they pleased with no repercussions. That is no longer the case!  

Yet there are still some negative sides and that is not about the users but about the company itself that is if some fact being shared by a user is true but it is a harsh reality about someone which people must know about Facebook may remove the content and ban that used to hide the truth which every billionaire company does to protect/hide the fact about some other billionaire or company. This may lead to the eruption of some new problem that common people like us will have to face e.g. the situation we are going through right now.