Core games
                                                                     Pic Credit - Core Games 


                   Core Games is the new kind of YouTube for game developers all around the world . If any love to play games you can  play games made by the creators all for free . And also if you love making games you can even create your own game on Core all for free . To use this unique concept you have to download Core app on pc ,where you can play and create games for free . In this app you can create game without coding and use the simple drag & drop feature , more than 500 top level game assets will be provided in the tool itself so you don't even have to model your own character . The Core app is associated with the Epic Games so the Game developers have a very great option to create games for Epic . Core Even gives developers the option to monetize their game so that if their games get popular they can get paid for every plays the player plays the game of a particular developers . 


               Unlike YouTube this has some of the major drawbacks due to which many developers won't get excited to use it as a great platform to develop the game . As said earlier the core is associated with the Epic games but still you cannot publish the core games even on the Epic store . It is strictly made that the game developed in core can only be played on the core app and cannot be deployed in foreign platforms like Steam and etc. And also the core app doesn't allow developers to use their own made character models in the core tool. If these feature gets available in the service then it would be unstoppable to grow more at least the core should allow the developers to release their game on Epic store so that they can drive more traffic . Or else the game tool is a perfect tool for the beginner game devs and to make some bucks out of the game you make .