Apex Legends

          Apex Legends by EA (Electronic Arts) 2019's Game of the year for multiplayer Battle Royale was initially released on 4th February 2019 available for PC and Consoles. The game just has almost the same game rules that of other Battle Royale games the only difference here is there are some particular characters with their own superpowers just like in the game of Valorant but yet the concept is not similar to Valorant. Time new characters keep on being introduced in the game with more special powers and new upgradeable. The game has some excellent dynamics which makes players more immersed in the game that the game doesn't demand too much graphic power like PUBG PC

        After the recent launch of the game on Nintendo Switch now the only platform left for the developers to rule is Mobile Esports. The game has started its pre-registration for the beta version for android users available on the Google Play store and the pre-registration is especially for the country India and the Philippines even after registration, everyone won't get access now only some may. The main point here comes here as mentioned above the game has some of the best dynamics and the developers confirmed that the mobile version will also have the same dynamics as that of its pc and console version. So after the PUBG mobile in India Apex Legends cat gets its Apex position in the mobile gaming market, as EA does this best.