Unity is more than better , as recently on March 8 2021 they announced their this year's GDC Showcase and now on 13 March 2021 they have announced a short trailer or kind of sneak peak of the event which is advertised for 16 March 2021 . Looking at the sneak peak it is very much clear that there is something new feature too coming for their next update of unity game engine that is 2021.1.2 . There are possibility of some ray tracing effect plugins and packages to get introduced just like Ubisoft game engine . With all of these it is also advertised to reveal some of the upcoming games totally made by unity game engine by the individual creators . Trailers of those games will also get revealed on the same day and lot more to come as unity said they are going  to delve about the game features and about the developers . As this all will be witnessed by us at 9 am PT , 16 March 2021.