PSG cup to come in brawl stars . As anyone brawler here would easily know that brawl stars already teased to make this tournament for real . There is no difference in the real one and in this brawl stars PSG as 24 countries will be competing for the cup which includes India , Usa and many more   And at the final the country with highest trophies in the match will be the winner . There will be a brawl star special football match and the tournament will be for the whole 2 days 24/2 . You and your team must win matches taking your favourite brawler and win matches which will ultimately lead to get a trophy for your country and you will get a free brawler and a skin of PSG which can be a collectible if you are a pro brawler coz don't know when this things can lead you to have some real cash . Even you can play that all for free and this started today 27/3/2021 and will end 28/3 /2021 (so limited time and I sucked post ) so you can register for the match from link down here 


        For now I can say that our country has 1 cup how ? As my friend and one of the fellow member of our site a pro at brawl star just got victorious and want to know how just ceck on the link below .