Cool down land

         How to make our land cool ? With the rise of global warming there is also rise of heat on the land which not only increases the temperature but this can also lead to disastrous climatic conditions which is more dangerous than tornadoes , tusnami amd droughts. And due to rise of temprature there will also be increase rate in evaporation rate . And this will ultimately lead to loss of water too. Taking all into consideration Singapore is taking actions on this situation . As some experts said that the temparture is low where there is lot of vegetation . The reason for this is the " concerte " thats why the effect is said to as the " Urban Island Heat " for such concrete jungles . Gardens by the bay a park protected in a dome ( greenhouse ) has the temperature of 24°c which keeps the inside park climate cool this is because the government has made a large underground central district cooling plant which collects the water and cools it and supply it to all the rivers lakes and reservoirs . So this will cool the area down . Not only this many experts belive that there should also be planting of small shrubs and climbers in the empty areas of the tall buildings . So all the famous hotels and big apartments have their roofs and empty places is full of shrubs and plants to cool the temprature down .

              Singapore to develop an AI device which will analyse the cities in a geometrical way to analyze how much temprature the areas have and how can the temperature be reduced with some steps like reducing the use of vehicles , A/Cs or scheduling the use of vehicles im certain cities not only this it  will also help the civil constructors and the other bodies to plan the cities according to it . Singapore is also know for its 0 wastage of water as they even use toilet waters for drinking as there are some companies that cleans the water and sells it as package drinking water bottles for very less cost . This things itself shows Singapore is a climate protection leaned country . 

What's for India ? 

            As I said last time in the currency post where many said me that the scheme is only good for the developed countries and not for country like ours . Yes , but this time things are different and we all know people in India ain't gonna stop increasing population and due to this there will increase in forest cutdown for obvious reasons and that is the place to live and in such situations it is very necessary for the country to take some steps which is almost similar to Singapore . Again Indian government doesn't have that much money like Singapore to build all this technical bodies , but what I say is  when it was announced to give almost 2 to 3 lakh crore rupees  for the start-ups government could have reserved some amout to built such things which will work the same as the Singapore's . Digging grounds won't solve the problem of water and cooling the land down. These are some steps which our country should also do before it reaches the high time . 
              I never review chinese products but these are some of the best thing which I think should also be implemented in our country . I don't say everything must be implemented but some of them should be as this time this above steps must be taken by our government , as we all know the condition of our country's temprature rise now .