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        GTA 6 can be the next title for Rockstar ? It's not a fully confirmed news by the creators of GTA. But yet with the help of Inverse we came to know that the CEO of the game giant Take 2 Interactive Strauss Zelnick provided some updates on the eve of Morgan Stanley Technology , Media , Telecom Conference. Till now Rockstar came up with some of the most biggest and the most immersive game's of all time and accordingly the next is also be something that's not yet revealed by the publisher . According to Take 2 Interactive they have just revealed how the game is going to unveil and by the past 2 game's experience it is very straight that the publisher is going to unveil it the same way . This not the real reveal , by the way it's just some kind of scratch thats it . So Zelnick has made it clear as the company is not the one who knows anything about the game the next news about the game will all be revealed under the hands of publisher that is Rockstar Games . Till now there were many many and many speculations about how the game look like and all but according to us all those are just a scratch of speculation for the real and ready to play game . People have a very high expectations and it is going to be more than Cyberpunk 2077 . Till then it's just a humble opinion to play the dlcs and online dlcs of GTA that releases almost every freaking years .