Flutter 2
         Flutter 2.0 released hours ago on 4th March 2021 with some exciting new features. Flutter is a popular framework for building android related apps , as it makes the app more immersive and more user-friendly. Till date flutter was in beta version for developing web applications but now after flutter 2.0 you can even build you web applications and not only that you can also build P.C. applications too . Many leading companies like amazon , amazon prime , bmw all use flutter to build their application.  Not only that but you can also build your application on any platform too. So from now you won't have any barrier to build application on any platform . There is a special feature that will allow build for the double screen mobile devices like the recent LG and Samsung Phone . Flutter is a light weight framework till date as it is all written using C++ . And with all this comes the Gaming thing and it is bery clear that you can build games from flutter too like you can checkout sites like Rive.app and flame-engine.co where you can create 2D games and vector based games for the mobile devices and pc . On top of all Google as we know uses the flutter to the top extent as most of their apps like Google pay, stadia , maps, Gmail all build on top of flutter . Flutter looks to have been a global framework and soon with the features flutter can become the base framework to all the apps . It is clear that flutter looks to have a Linux look and can also help to boost linux apps too , as with the arrival of Flutter 2.0 Ubuntu officially declared on its tweeter account to use flutter as the default framework .