No more cryptos in India? As of now there are many uncertainty about adopting the crypto space or not but according the Senior Government Official said in one the Reuters interview , soon India to pass a bill which says to ban all the crypto currency in India which makes all kind of crypto trading , investing , mining becomes totally illegal and people who continue will cost fines . With that said  he also mentioned that people who are the investors of the cryptos currently might get the time of almost 7 months to liquidate the currency to actual manual money . Government has been planning this from months and if this law passed to act then many of the crypto investors may suffer a major loss . This month the largest crypto currency in the Cryptospace i.e. Bitcoin double the value to $60000 due to which many millionaires like Elon Musk got a big chunk of share in crypto market . More than 7 million people in India believed to have invested more than $1 billion in India . 

          India is trying to eliminate crypto currency but not the blockchain technology which token holders and creators hold to use the particular crypto space . As of we all know how powerful is blockchain technology work in any kinds of technical transactions . Which means India to end the crypto currency and will apply the blockchain method to run the normal world economy , which is a smart and nice logic but should have also kept the Cryptospace alive in the country too.